Arlene Mcloughin

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Arlene worked in the industry for ten years. Those ten years created a solid foundation in color and textural blending as well as honing her mind’s eye artistically. The translation from fabric to canvas and walls was a natural progression.

From engaging in fine art instruction from renowned masters all over the world, her passion for travel also grew. This increased her knowledge of the arts through cultural exploration and immersion.

Arlene, through hard study and determination, has created and perfected an amazing range of capabilities. From realistic faux wood graining, amazing decorative ceilings, refined chinoiserie, realistic marbling for columns, walls, or even furniture, incredible decorative artistry for children’s rooms, art panels and even pop art, and a vast and impressive array of mural work, her portfolio will delight you and show you, she has been bringing home and business owner’s dreams to reality for over 25 years.

Arlene’s husband Dale, a member of the NYFD, has joined her to become a sought after craftsman in wall preparation and construction. Working on artistic ceilings and walls 30, 40, or 50 feet in the air, for example, creates challenges this dynamic duo is able to meet with ease.

Servicing Long Island, Manhattan, and the five Boroughs, for many years, has left a long list of extremely satisfied clients, in both commercial and residential settings.

Arlene is a member of many national, regional, and professional decorative career groups. Through these affiliations, she is able to keep abreast of new design trends in the home and commercial environments and bring them to fruition for you.

Please take your time going through her extensive portfolio and then reach out to her with your ideas and dreams for your next project. She can make it happen.