I recently had the opportunity to work on a very special project for the nationally syndicated TV show “George to the Rescue”  The show, stars TV personality George Oliphant, he visits homes across the country helping those in need with that special room update, renovation, or redesign. The wonderfully talented designer  Marlaina Teich enlisted my services to paint a mural for the family of two sisters in Merrick, NY. One of the sisters suffered from a rare form of scoliosis, which she was born with.  Both sisters found music as a wonderful way to bond, and share their talents. We collaborated and came up with a fun and funky music room mural containing graffiti, and graphic elements. The room was completely gutted, and re built under Georges careful supervision, from the foundation up. I came and painted the free hand mural which included, glitter, neon colors, graphic shapes and some 3d butterflies.  When the room was revealed, the sheer joy on this families faces was so rewarding and satisfying! Catch episodes of George to the Rescue on channel 4 and clips on youtube.http://www.nbcnewyork.com/the-scene/real-estate/George-To-The-Rescue-Home-Renovation-LX-137496358.html